Increase worker mobility, reduce reliance on slow positioning equipment.
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Fall prevention is better than fall protection.
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Reduce danger while increasing productivity.
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Column Climber

Steel Erecting productivity is a function of a steel workers ability to quickly and safely access a work point to connect, bolt up or weld; and then efficiently and effectively re-position to repeat the process. Column Climber™ gives the steel worker unmatched mobility, as an access device, and unparalleled convenience as a personal work platform, at every work point. With Column Climber™, instantly climb up, climb down, re-position, work hands free at every work point - maximum productivity with no compromise on safety. Watch Column Climber™ in action and envision how PRODUCTIVITY could soar.

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Steel Erecting is one of the most dangerous trades in the construction industry. Steel workers face the constant risk of serious injury or death due to falls or other loss of balance incidents. With Column Climber™, the need for dangerous balancing acts, unsafe positioning, and unstable ladders are reduced substantially. Column Climber™ improves worker safety and comfort; providing direct, personal FALL PREVENTION, rather than simply fall protection; believing that it is preferable to never fall than to be protected after the fact. Watch Column Climber™ in action and envision a new level of SAFETY.

It is possible to reduce costs while improving safety and productivity exponentially? The revolutionary design of Column Climber™ directly solves the dilemma that structural steel workers face: how to improve safety, while also improving productivity, convenience, and working posture, or comfort; reducing reliance on slow and expensive positioning equipment (aerial lifts, ladders, etc) and simplifying and lessening the need for complex fall protection systems in the first place. Look at the Column Climber™ cost comparison chart and envision how job cost could decrease dramatically.

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In addition to Column Climber™, find a special package offers, replacement parts, and related specialty products for your steel erecting needs.


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