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Column Climber
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About The Product

Column Climber™ focuses on 4 goals when
developing its exclusive products:

Improving worker safety

Reducing costs and simplifying methods and equipment

Improving worker productivity

Improving worker comfort to increase worker longevity


Column Climber™

allows a worker to ascend, descend, and securely and comfortably stand upright and work with two hands free, positioning themselves correctly and safely to connect, bolt-up, or weld, or inspect, increasing safety while at the same time increasing productivity.

Column Claw™

is our patent pending lightweight, rapid-adjust, sliding anchor point specifically designed for use with Column Climber™ to create industry leading fall restraint/protection which meets 100 percent tie-off requirements, yet still allows complete vertical mobility while ascending and descending columns. Column Claw’s fall-activated, self-locking fall arrest mechanism will positively engage the column in the event of a user fall and arrest the fall in < 2-0 feet.

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