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Column Climber 13 (flange thicknesses 1" to 1-7/8")

Column Climber™ patented design gives the steel worker unmatched mobility, as an access device, and unparalleled convenience as a personal work platform, at every work point. With Column Climber™, instantly climb up, climb down, re-position, work hands free at every work point - maximum productivity with no compromise on safety.

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Column Climber™ is a simple-to-use device that allows a worker to safely and effortlessly climb up, climb down and work right from a steel column at the connection point. Column Climber™ is classified as both an access device, used to ascend and descend and for initial connections; and also as a work platform. Column Climber can be freely used within fall protection guidelines, either with our accessory products, or with standard fall protection products.

Designed to be used with a positioning lanyard, Column Climber™ allows a steel worker to securely and comfortably stand upright and work with two hands free, positioning himself correctly and safely to connect, bolt-up, or weld, increasing safety while at the same time increasing productivity. The need for costly aerial man lifts and even ladders is diminished because Column Climber™ can be used in many instances where formerly there was no other option.

It’s high-strength 514 alloy steel footframe (design engineered to support over 700 pounds per foot) supports the entire length of your foot eliminating any leg or foot fatigue during regular or extended use. Slip-resistant rubber soles permit sure-footed movement over typical jobsite surfaces like decking and concrete.

Its wrap-around heel bar and high-temp, cut-resistant straps with quick-connect buckles allow you to securely step-in and step-out in seconds. The inclined jaw design allows Column Climber’s vise-like lock-and-release action to function intuitively with your body’s natural stepping-climbing motion making ascending or descending a column as natural and easy as climbing stairs.

Column Climber's grip is not impaired by mud, dirt, grease, water, ice, or even asphaltic coating on the steel. The leverage force applied by each foot is so intense that it cannot be dislodged by a sledgehammer blow (based on factory testing).

Interchangeable, laser-hardened steel nosings provide adjustment to accommodate varying flange thicknesses from 1" to 1-7/8".

Both the strap/buckle assembly and nosings are designed for easy replacement in case of wear or damage.

Column Climber™ focuses on direct, personal steel worker fall prevention, rather than simply fall protection, believing that it is preferable to never fall than to be protected after the fact.

Column Climber has been reviewed by OSHA and can be used freely in accordance with current fall protection standards. Column Climber is classified as both an access device (like a ladder), meaning a worker may ascend/descend to/from an initial connection or work point using Column Climber, AND as a work platform. Please see our use guidelines for more information: http://column-climber.com/guidelines-specs/