Steel Erecting is one of the most dangerous trades in the construction industry. The very nature of the work inherently puts the steel worker at daily risk of serious injury or death due to falls or other loss of balance incidents. The US Dept of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Agency has been and continues to work proactively and aggressively with the steel erection industry to reduce such statistics.

In response to a steelworker’s danger, fall protection requirements and products have proliferated. While fall protection measures have increasingly improved steelworker safety, the myriad demands have brought corresponding declines in productivity and increases in cost to the steel erector. These costs have crept steadily higher as more and more work is performed from costly and slow aerial lift equipment and as fall protection tie-off requirements have increasingly limited productivity by rendering the worker unable to quickly and freely maneuver and execute his work.

Column Climber™ patented design and function function directly tackles the dilemma that steel workers face: how to improve safety dramatically, while also improving productivity, convenience, and their working posture, or comfort; also how to reduce their reliance on slow and expensive positioning equipment (aerial lifts, ladders, etc) and how to simplify or lessen the need for complex fall protection systems in the first place.

Column Claw™ is our patent pending lightweight steel alloy, rapid-adjust, sliding anchor point specifically designed for use with Column Climber™ to create mobile fall protection which meets 100 percent tie-off requirements, yet still allows vertical mobility while ascending and descending columns. Column Claw's fall-activated, self-locking fall arrest mechanism will positively engage the column in the event of a user fall and arrest the fall in +/- 2-0 feet.

Column Climber™ and Column Claw (with T-Lanyard) provide an unmatched level of personal steel worker fall prevention.


Vertical mobility, 100% tie off, and 2-0 ft fall arrest

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